Emergency Services Human Resources Patient Transport Community Staff Commissioners Paramedics Smart Citizen Smart City Hospitals Doctors Nurses
Overview Electronic Health Record Command and Dispatch Directory of Services Smart Input Screens Smart Care Record Secure Messaging Mobile Apps Smart Voice Reporting Support
Price plans Plan comparison
Price Plan ComparisonStandardPlusEnterprise
Monthly pricing (billed annually)$38/user/month$62/user/month$130/user/month
User trainingContact salesContact salesContact sales
Consultancy & Project managementContact salesContact salesContact sales
Online support
Guaranteed response time4 hours
Phone supportContact sales
Appointments & worklists
Organise events by named lists
Schedule appointments
Appointment reminders by text, email and phone call
Search previous episodes by name, ref and date range
Receive & view events on mobile devices
Care Records
Create new records, search existing records, merge records
Record insurance details, medical numbers and regular health facilities
Record observations, blood pressure, temperature, allergies, etc
HIPAA compliant EHR
DPA Europe compliant
Connecting for Health compliant
Command & Control
Visualise events and vehicles on map
Dispatch vehicles to incidents
Send text messages to vehicles
ProQA Paramount Medical integrationContact sales
ProQA Paramount Police integrationContact sales
ProQA Paramount Fire integrationContact sales
PSiam integrationContact sales
LowCode integrationContact sales
Native mobile apps for iPad,
Full web access on mobile browsers on iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry & Windows Phone
View and update events on the go
Subscribe to worklists and receive notifications for new events
Directory of Services
Build a directory of services with addresses and opening hours and custom tags
Search directory for services by proximity and availability
Connect with other organisations on Smart, send referrals and update availability in real-time
Document Store
Upload documents, create folders & control access
Storage limit5GB10GB25GB
Additional storageContact sales
Voice and texts
Send and receive messages with Smart users
Send text messages to mobile phones
Fully featured VOIP soft phone
Make outbound phone calls
Record all incoming and outgoing calls
Attach calls to events
Make internal calls to other Smart users
Receive incoming VOIP calls
Reporting and Analytics
Basic reporting suite
Advanced reporting suite
Unlimited report scheduling to email recipients
Governance and audit
Full-screen dashboard displaying common metrics
Human Resources
Visualise your roster and allocate users to slots
Maintain certifications for your users
Vacation bidding and management
Risk management
Staff training management
Smart Form
Download custom input screens from the Smart Community
Run input screens on mobile devices
Build your own input screensContact sales
Smart Path
Download protocols from the Smart Community
Build your own protocolsContact sales
System admin
Maintain worklists
Maintain inputs such as insurers, health facilities, statuses, outcome codes etc
Send key data to email recipients on a schedule
Export of key data into Excel format
External access
Full two-way communication with other Smart organisations
Design templates to export event data into encrypted PDFs
Send templates by email through Smart
Fully-featured REST APIContact sales
Security and access
Fine-grained user access control
SSL encryption
Data encrypted at rest and in transit
AES 256 encryption
Email encryption
Audit logs